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We have full lines of Shinko, Michelin, and Pirelli tires and can add liquid balancer to avoid weights and create a puncture seal. Our more common tires include all sizes of Shinkos, scorchers and night dragons.

Full Service

Our full service starts with a three case service, primary transmission, K&N filter and Lucas synthetic oil. Then a full safety inspection including brakes and seals is done. On newer bikes (06 or newer) we can run Harley digital diagnostics to read codes as well. 


From insurance estimates to the all the repairs we got you covered. We are available to do the estimate for your insurance company and will send them the estimate. We do repairs for common failures or regular maintenance repairs as well. 

Custom Builds

We start by meeting with you to discuss what you want, your budget and the time frame. We believe that your bike is an extension of you and we want it to feel that way. After we get a base plan, we do our own in house design ideas. With your approval we get the bike and the parts deposit to get started. When the parts get here, we do a full mock up and make sure all the parts fit and work together. The design can be altered if needed. When the build is done your bike will get Jasper custom paint with in house designs. When it comes back and we can finish putting it together and deliver your new custom built bike to you!


The restoration process is very similar to the customization process. We meet and discuss what you want for your restoration including budget and the time frame. We do in house designs with your approval then collect the parts deposit and the bike so we can begin.  Here, we have vendors for old factory parts and replacement parts but if we can't find it, we fabricate parts. When all the parts are here, we do a full mock up to make sure everything fits and works properly. Next is the painting process with an initial quote, your bike will have custom restoration paint. When it comes back we finish putting it back together and deliver your customer restoration to you! 

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